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Occupational Therapist Opening

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Speech/Articulation Therapy

R's.  L's.  Bilabial sounds.  

Every sound.


Let's make them right. 

Receptive & Expressive Language

The language you understand.

The language you use.

We do it all.

Feeding, Swallowing, & 
Oromyofunctional Therapy

Picky eating. Snoring. Coughing.

Thumb sucking.  The list goes on.

The impacts can be life-changing.

Occupational Therapy

Kids are in the business of play.

Let's get moving.

Therapy Sessions
Girl Playing with Balls
Our Approach.

Natural. Fun. Evidence-based.  We believe in collaboration between the therapist, the patient,the family, and other professionals to assist your kiddo in reaching their goals. ​We are always completing additional education for better ways to evaluate and treat. If we don't know something,we will find the answers or get you to someone who does.

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